We started this journey in January of 2014 when I was 31. My cycles were pretty normal, ranging from 28-35 days, with typical temps and average periods. Using a known donor, we attempted about six at-home ICI’s using fresh donations after positive OPKs with no luck. In September of 2014, we took a break and decided to mix things up with a new known donor. The new donor was much more cautious and preferred to have a doctor “do the deed” to eliminate any possibility of later legal complications. Since we had not had any luck at home, we were willing to change course. Our donor generously stocked a freezer full of vials for us, and we started to put them to use with an unmedicated IUI #1 in February 2015. We relied on ultrasound and OPKs to determine timing, but it was unsuccessful. We had to press “pause” while we completed a move to Colorado, waited for the 6-month sperm quarantine for our known donor to expire, and sorted out insurance details.

After relocating back home to Colorado, we found that our insurance company’s ONLY Reproductive Endocrinologist would not accept our donated vials in his clinic, because of some bologna FDA regulations he imagined up. We tried to ignore the fact that we’d spent several thousand dollars having our donor bank the vials in California and waiting months for the quarantine to expire, and we set to work browsing sperm in the catalogs. We chose donor #3, and we were off to our first medicated/monitored IUI in early October 2015. After 100 mg Clomid CD 4-8, a trigger on CD 12, and what seemed to be a botched IUI: BFN. The second medicated cycle consisted of 100 mg Clomid CD 3-9, a trigger on CD 13, and we finally got a BFP.

Our daughter was born in June of 2016.

In October of 2016 we began jumping through the hoops to create our second child, this time with my wife, N (29 years old) as the carrier. After more of the same blood tests, paper work, shipping logistics, pap smear, and “psychological counseling” required by our clinic, we endeavored through seven IUI cycles – three natural and four medicated. While my wife is good at making eggs, her lining seems to struggle. We had three chemical pregnancies and she needed a break.

In January 2018 we decided I would try for a second (35 at the time). I didn’t respond well to Clomid the first time around, so I cancelled that cycle. I then had two seemingly perfect IUI cycles that were both unsuccessful. IUI #3 in May of 2018 seems to have been the lucky round, so we’re now hoping for some smooth sailing for the next 9ish months.

We anticipate returning to my wife’s fertility treatment in the future with IVF. No, we probably can’t afford 3 kids, but we’ll figure it out!


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